Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A walk through a Black H'mong villiage.

I was taken on a tour through a Black H'mong village Yesterday, by a Black H'mong guide. He explained the five minority groups of Sa Pa and that the Black H'mong were of Chinese decent and had come to the region 200 years ago. Looking for resources, they are nomadic, though there housing seems to be becoming quite permanent.
My guide was wearing blue jeans T-shirt and brown leather slip on shoes. He seemed to be quite "Western" I find it quite interesting the dilemma of the world becoming homogenized, it would be nice to have such a distinct sense of identity to culture and place. If you come to Sa Pa, you must get a guide, I learnt so much and was taken through houses and shown indigo dying etc. He did talk a lot about how they married in their teen years, A LOT. 
Today I'm on another tour for about 4-6 hours (dependant on how fast I walk) I'll get to visit the homes of Black H'mong, Giay and maybe some Red Dao. Back to Hanoi on a sleeper train at the end of the day.
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