Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm off to Sa Pa tonight.

Well it's 11am and I've just left the hotel. I'm off to Sa Pa tonight on a sleeper train.
It was pouring rain in Hanoi this mourning. Now it's just drizling,
but with water still running off the shop awnings just to catch you un
Yesterday was a glorious day. I went for a long walk. It was not ment
to be a long walk, but as usual, I got lost. I'd like to blame it on
city planning really.
I'm trying to work out what to do today. My heel is a bit sore from
walking, and given Sa Pa will probably involve a bit of walking I
think it unwise to walk too much today. I'm currently at Highlands
Coffee (really the only place to get a decent cup (went to Moca
Coffee the other day, swear the cafe latte was made from instant
coffee)* most of the people here are either reading a book or
working on laptops. I could easily stay here all day, good coffee,
soothing music and a nice level of background chit chat. How many
coffees can one consume in a day before heart attack. I won't get a
fresh coffee in Sa Pa, and won't be drinking instant with condensed
milk. So , can I pre consume today what I won't get over the next few
days? Other than that, myight have to look for a tourist atraction.
I've seen the ones I want to see though. All except the war related
ones (not really into glorifying war) and have not and do not want to
visit Uncle Ho's morselium? How do you spell morselium? (I'll admit I
can't spell that one, all others are the iPods predictive text or
small keypads fault (Charlie).
Getting near the end of my extra large cafe latte. What to do, perhaps
order a caramel coffee freeze. We could think of it as a desert.
This is making me feel homeless, and homeless in Vietnam is a scary proposition.
Ooh. Someone just got the best looking stirfry. Not exactly hungry, but!
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*Ended up enjoying/preferring my Morning coffee and breakfast at Moca Cafe. Decided the coffee was fresh ground, just different from what I'm used too. Have not had instant coffee for years, so how could I know what that tastes like.

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